16 killed and 2 wounded in fire bomb explosion in Cairo Restaurant

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In the capital city of Cairo in the Agouza area, there was an attack on a restaurant. As of now, there are 16 killed and 2 wounded from the explosion.

While the motive is not completely clear as of yet, there are 2 possibilities. Some claim that it was a former employee that had recently been fired while others say there were 3 men on motorbikes who were driving by and attacked the building.

The cause of it was a molotov cocktail which exploded in the restaurant. Those that were killed were either burned to death or died from smoke inhalation.

The restaurant also had a nightclub in the basement. The nightclub though didn’t have any escape route for those inside. They are still searching for suspects.

Egypt has recently been under many bombings and shootings. Some of the attacks were claimed by the jihadist group which is associated with ISIS.

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