2 killed in Germany in drive-by shooting with suspect in custody

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Two people have been killed in Germany after a gunman opened fire on a number of unsuspecting people from his convertible car. The victims were an 82 year old woman and a 72 year old man after they were shot just after 10am this morning,

The shootings took place near the town of Ansbach which is located in northern Bavaria. Witnesses of one of the shootings reported that the 82 year old lady chatted with the man by his Mercedes car and when she turned to walk away he shot her in the back.

The man, who police have named as Bernd G, is also suspected of killing a 72 year old man who was cycling on his bike as the suspect drove past him. A number of other shots were fired from the vehicle as the gunman targeted a local farmer by shooting at him on his tractor but luckily the farmer escaped with minor injuries from the shattered cab windows.

Police were informed of the unfolding events and a massive manhunt ensued with 4 helicopters helping to assist officers on the ground in tracking down the suspect. When the man pulled into a petrol station shortly before noon, he was dispossed of his gun by a fast thinking cashier.

The man then fled from the shop but was wrestled to the ground in the forecourts by two station mechanics described by Bavarian interior minister Joachim Herrmann as "courageous". The suspect was the arrested by police and is being sent for psychiatric evaluation after a second gun was found in his car.

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