2016 Trendiest Baby Names

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Choosing a name for another human being is a big decision. This is the name that they are going to respond to and carry with them for their entire life. But it is important to remember that a name is only part of an identity. So while there may be pressure to come up with the finding the perfect name, at the end of the day remember that this does not make up their complete identity.

Having said that, there are those that have taken this to the extreme and have chosen names that will by no means help their child. Parents in New Zealand have tried to name their children Fish and Chips, Sex Fruit and Talula does the Hula from Hawaii. Thankfully these were all banned. In these extreme cases much of the child’s identity would have most likely been strongly associated with their name.

Some of the most popular names though in 2015 were Olivia, Sophia, Lilly, Emily and Amelia for the girls, and Muhammad, Oliver, Jackson, Aiden and Liam for boys. But every year the trend changes thanks to celebrities and media such Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. The amount of girls named Arya and boys named Theon soared in 2014. After the hit animation film Frozen came out all the baby girls were being called Elsa or Anna left, right and center.

The 2016 trendiest names so far though have been Astrid at the top of the list, followed by names like Thea, Sadie, Riley, Elise, Avery, Rowan Elsie, Finley, Jade, Riley, Peyton, Rowan and Everly. The boys names that are trending are James, Elijah, Jayden, Elliott, Logan, Charlie, Jude, Elias, Isaiah, Arlo and Loganthe top. One of the other recent name trends is the amount of names, both male and female, that begin with vowels. “A” is often the most popular, followed by “E”, “I” and “O”.

The gender stereotyped names are becoming a thing of the past. Now many parents are deciding to give their babies unisex names. Some even have a his/hers set which can be convenient if you are having different gender twins but want them to have similar names. Some examples of this are Jade/Jayden, Everly/Evan and Kai/Kaia. The choices of different names is endless. Keep on searching until you find one that you will be happy to say for many years to come.

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