24 hour Tube Strike begins in earnest across London

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The latest London Tube strike is in full swing this evening after rail workers began winding down services shortly after 6pm. The full effect will be felt on Thursday however with no services running until staff return late tomorrow evening.

The strike is due to a row between London Underground workers and bosses over pay negotiations that broke down. A final offer of 2% pay rise in the first year as well as £2,000 for night drivers was rejected out of hand by unions earlier this week meaning that 4 million commuters will fall victim to the pay dispute.

Transport for London warned passengers that Underground stations were going to be very busy between 4pm and 6pm ahead of the planned strike. This was borne out on the ground with mammoth queues experienced at Victoria Station and Oxford Circus from about 4.30pm onwards.

Transport for London have advised commuters to walk and bike whenever possible as well as reminding people that up to 200 extra buses will be running for the duration of the strike. It is also advisable to use overground trains and bus services outside of peak hours on Thursday as routes may be adversely affected by the strike.

One knock-on effect of the Tube strike is a higher demand for taxicabs around the city and this will see Uber charging a lot more than normal. The fare hikes hare inevitable as demand will be high and taxis will literally be able to take their pick of customers for the duration of the strike so hail your cabs wisely until the strike is over.

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