4 badly injured after rollercoaster carriages collide at Alton Towers

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A rollercoaster collision at Alton Towers amusement park this afternoon has left 4 people seriously injured. They were sitting in a carriage on the Smiler Ride along with 12 other thrill seekers when the carriage crashed into an empty carriage shortly after 2pm on Tuesday.

West Midlands Ambulance Service attended the scene by air ambulance and went to work on removing the 4 injured parties from the rollercoaster ride. The 4 people involved are all teenagers suffering serious leg injuries as a result of the crash with the other 12 on board suffering minor injuries.

Danny Simm who witnessed the collision tweeted in the aftermath of the crash "People unconscious, knocked out. Blood everywhere. It really was shocking. Air ambulances landing now, people still stuck." while another witness, Ben Richardson, said "When the second carriage crashed people were screaming and shouting, even after it stopped. Everyone around the park ran over. The people looked significantly distressed. It was almost like a car crash, very full on."

A spokesperson for West Midlands Ambulance Service explained the situation "Our rope rescue staff are working at height to carefully release and treat the four seriously injured teenagers. The 12 other occupants on the ride are said to have suffered minor injuries and it's hoped that they will be discharged from the scene.""

The Smiler ride has a top speed of 52mph and it is believed that the carriage that crashed did so at about 50mph. The ride's main draw is that it has the largest number of loops, 14, of any rollercoaster in the world.

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