8 killed by gunman who opened fire in Czech restaurant shooting

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A gunman entered a restaurant in the Czech Republic this morning and randomly killed 8 customers in a shooting spree. It has been reported that the man was a resident of the town and he then took his own life after the incident.

The killings took place in the Eastern Czech town of Uhersky Brod and police have ruled out a terrorist act as they say the 60 year old man involved has a history of mental illness. The mayor, Patrik Kuncar, informed media that around 25 shots were heard after the man entered the Droujba restaurant and opened fire.

Mr Kuncar encapsulated the feelings of residents of the small town saying "A lone shooter struck with no warning. I'm rattled by this event. I never would have imagined something like this happening here, in a restaurant that I know well".

There were about 20 people in the restaurant at the time the gunman entered and a number of those not killed were injured by gunfire. One woman is known to be in critical condition in hospital with gunshot woulds to the chest. Mr Kuncar said that man responsible then took his own life shortly after leaving the restaurant.

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