'A Gutless coward'

Imogen Thomas’ dad has called Ryan Giggs a ‘gutless coward’ for refusing to admit that she was never planning to blackmail the Manchester United superstar.

Giggs claimed in court that Thomas had demanded cash from him lest she go to the papers, and used that reasoning to gag her and the press with a super-injunction to prevent him from being indentified. The story is now public, but the gag prevents Thomas from telling her side of the story, and Charles Thomas isn’t very happy about it.

‘Imogen has never been a planner or a plotter,’ he said to The Sun. ‘It's just not in her nature. She's a party girl. She likes going out and getting drunk and nice meals. But she is definitely, 100 per cent, not a blackmailer.

‘It is wicked of him not to have made some statement to clear her name over the blackmail allegation made in court. His failure to do that makes him a gutless coward in my opinion.

‘I can understand it. I was the same at his age. I was playing rugby for the Llanelli Scarlets and, I'll be honest, there were a lot of women throwing themselves at me. The temptation was there all the time and I succumbed on many occasions. So I know what it is like for Ryan Giggs. Except in his case, because he's such a huge international star, the temptations must have been a hundred times greater.

‘I don't blame him for fancying my daughter. They're both consenting adults. But I will never forgive him for not acting like a man and telling the world she did not blackmail him. He knows it's completely false and if he had anything about him, he'd stand up and admit it. Imogen isn't able to defend herself because the law won't let her talk about him. It's ludicrous.’

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