Abducted Ohio women found alive after 10 years

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Three brothers aged 54, 52 and 50 have been arrested after three women who went missing a decade ago were found alive and well at a house in Cleveland, Ohio. The girls - Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight - were abducted separately between 2002 and 2004 at the age of 16, 14 and 22. Amanda vanished after the end of her shift at a Burger King restaurant, while Michelle and Gina were kidnapped on their way home from school.

Despite the media interest, search efforts were fruitless and the chances to find them alive diminished rapidly. In different occasions, people went to the police claiming to have information about the alleged location of the girls' remains, but the tips all proved to be dead ends.

On monday night, the kidnappers left the girls alone at the house and Amanda Berry managed to slightly open one of the doors, screaming for help. Luckily, a neighbour - who, by the way, in the last few years attended several barbecues at the horror house without noticing anything unusual - heard the the cries and immediately kicked the door in to freed the woman.

Little he knew he was about to save not just one life, but four. In fact, to everyone's surprise, after the police arrived on the scene, the two other ladies were found inside the house (minutes away from where they were kidnapped) as well as a six years old girl, whose identity at the moment hasn't been disclosed.

Loved ones declared that they never gave up the hope of finding them alive, with Berry's cousin Tasheena Mitchell telling newspapers: "I'm going to hold her, and I'm going to squeeze her, and I probably won't let her go." Kayla Rogers, a childhood friend of DeJesus, also added: "I've been praying, never forgot about her, ever. This is amazing. This is a celebration. I'm so happy. I just want to see her walk out of those doors so I can hug her."


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