Alton Towers amputee to receive compensation totalling millions after horror crash

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The amputee involved in the horrific Alton Towers could receive compensation of up to several million pounds. 17 year old Leah Washington had her left leg amputated after the carriage she was sitting in on the Slider rollercoaster at the park slammed into a carriage which was jammed on the ride.

She was not the only one injured however, with 12 other patrons badly hurt including Washington's 18 year old boyfriend Joe Pugh who broke both of his knees. Lawyer Jill Greenfield, who is a specialist in personal injury claims, believes that victims who suffered lesser injuries will be able to claim high five figure sums at least.

The Yorkshire couple had been sitting toward the front of the doomed carriage along with another couple, Daniel Thorpe and Vicky Balch, and paramedics spent many hours freeing the four of them from the Smiler. Thorpe has a broken leg and punctured lung while the extent of Balch's injuries remains unclear as she remains in critical condition with severe leg trauma.

Alton Towers is facing a huge legal bill in the wake of the accident and a statement from law firm Stewarts Law, which represents Washington, Pugh and Balch, today read "The families of Victoria Balch, Leah Washington and Joe Pugh are pleased that today there has been a formal admission of liability from the insurer in respect of the damages claim."

Lawyer Greenfield said "Cases involving catastrophic injury generally have a value of several million each. You can easily see how the total value of these cases with so many severely injured will be extremely high." She added that those who suffered less serious injuries could claim "up to £81,000 before these victims claim for their physical injuries".

Meanwhile, Washington has gotten plenty of support in the wake of her life-changing injury from the likes of double amputee US soldier Sergeant Jay Baldwin and One Direction's Louis Tomlinson who tweeted "@leahwashy Thinking about you Leah & hoping you are home in South Yorkshire soon Xx".

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