Andy Burnham wants to remodel NHS with old people receiving treatment in homes rather than hospitals

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Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham has promised that Labour has a plan to revive the NHS with old people receiving treatment in their own homes rather than in hospitals a core goal. Burnham, speaking at the Labour party conference in Manchester this week, also was adamant that the NHS needs to be modelled in such a way that the service puts "people before profit".

In relation to elderly people receiving care he said "In the 21st century, the home and not the hospital needs to be the default setting for care. Why should frail people be carted off for care?" He was at pains to point out the huge costs involved in treating people in hospitals saying "It makes no sense to cut simple support in people's homes only to spend thousands keeping them in hospital. We can't afford it. It will break the NHS."

He also sent a stern and ominous warning to David Cameron and Nick Clegg saying "Today we serve notice on Cameron and Clegg, Thursday 7th May 2015 - your day of reckoning on the NHS. A reckoning for thrashing the public's most prized asset without their permission. And a reckoning for a ruinous reorganisation that has dragged it down and left it on the brink."

The Labour party has ambitious plans which are built on the tenet of never putting the NHS "up for sale" and ultimately aim to "move the system from a medical model to a social model". They are looking to increase spending in the NHS to the tune of £2.5 billion which would be enough funding to cover the salaries of over 35,000 doctors, nurses and medical professionals.

Such a radical overhaul of the NHS should not be taken lightly and a lot of hard work would have to be done in order to make Burnham and Labour's vision a reality. Earlier this year, huge tenders were put out to essentially privatise segments of the NHS including cancer care and end of life care so Labour's vision will be music to the ears of many UK citizens who have to deal with the NHS on a daily basis.

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