Anti sickness tablets - are they always neccessary?

The last 20 years have seen drugs used for treating cancer sickness get better. These drugs for treating are called anti emetics, anti nausea drugs or anti sickness drugs. Anti sickness drugs act on the stomach to increase the rate at which body systems move and empty food in the bowels or block the vomiting centre in the brain and or gut receptors that cause brain nausea. This helps manage vomiting, nausea and other adverse effects of the disease.

Anti sickness tablets - are they always neccessary?

In hospital, cancer drug treatment usually uses anti sickness drugs in the form of injections. Anti sickness drugs in the form of tablets are then given to take home for use afterwards. This means that anti-sickness tablets may actually be necessary.

Your doctor will decide whether you need to take anti sickness drugs as injections or anti sickness drugs as tablets. Often, your doctor will arrive at the decision depending on your past medical history and whether your sickness is as a result of your cancer or the treatment of the cancer.

It is important that you know that different types of anti sickness medicines are available. If you are having a hard time swallowing tablets in hospital, please inform your doctor or nurses. It is fairly easily for nurses to give you your drugs through a drip or by injection instead of tablets.

If, however, you are at home and you are having problems with taking your drugs as tablets, talk with your doctor and inform him of your problem. Your doctor may suggest anti sickness tablets that dissolve quickly on your tongue, medicine you inject using a syringe driver or suppositories.

Feeling sick after taking anti sickness drugs?

If you feel sick after taking your anti sickness drugs, inform your doctor or specialist nurse. Your doctor may suggest adding or changing to another type of sickness drug. If you have any side effects that you suspect are caused by your anti sickness drugs, talk with your doctor. Again, your doctor may suggest adding or changing to a different type of anti sickness drug.

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