Apprentice sparks bomb scare at Westminster with his iPad

  • @AliJaved93 - Twitter

A large parliament building in Westminster was evacuated today after an iPad belonging to an MP's apprentice sparked a bomb scare. Portcullis House was cordoned off after police were alerted to a "suspicious package" early this morning and everybody was evacuated from the building as a precautionary measure.

It is believed that the suspicious package consisted of the apprentice's iPad sitting in his bag "positioned in such a way as to create suspicious image". Seemingly the apprentice, who was just beginning his first day of working for Tory MP Nick Boles, was passing through the airport style security checks at the entrance when the alarm was raised.

Once the bag was investigated up close, police then realised that it was in fact just an iPad. A spokesperson for Scotland Yard said "The package has been declared non suspicious and everything has been stood down." Staff were then allowed to re-enter Portcullis House shortly after 10.30am once police had given them the all clear.

At least it looks as if the panic won't result in the apprentice losing his job on his first day. His new boss Boles saw the lighter side of the events and tweeted "An exciting start to my apprentice's first day at Parliament: the whole of Portcullis House evacuated cos of security scare over his iPad!".

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