April Fools' Day 2014: Best pranks around the UK : media and web

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It is that day of the year when you wake up and think that it is a just a normal day. Soon enough though you find yourself hearing ridiculous and incredible news from friends which you fall for hook, line and sinker. That's right, it's April Fools' Day 2014!

Google, as per usual, were quick off the mark with their latest technology offering of Google Emoji Translate. The software promises to translate all webpages into easy to read emoticons while surfing the web with Chrome on your mobile device. This way you need not bother yourself by reading all the words in articles anymore.

The Guardian chose something more topical for a great story on how Scotland will choose to start driving on the right hand side if they become independent. The Scottish Road Authority also plan to use the letter S for Scotland rather than M for Motorways in a show of national pride in the fine Scottish roads.

ITV went all out with a with a feature on chickens laying square eggs in Suffolk on the morning show Daybreak that got people talking on social media. Richard Branson was also got in on the days action by claiming that Virgin Air have mastered "Personalised Climate" technology at 35,000 feet. When you fly Virgin, you can now choose to change the climate in your individual seat by choosing from options like 'Chicago Polar Vortex' or 'Cancun Afternoon'.

There was some fanfare across the water too as an article on The Irish Times proclaimed that the Republic of Ireland were told to brace themselves for a shock last minute inclusion in the World Cup. Due to ongoing controversy over Nicolas Anelka's Quenelle gesture, pressure mounted on FIFA to remove the French from the finals in Brazil. The prank suggested that FIFA immediately thought of Ireland as a filler team after the injustice served on them by France's Thierry Henry's handball back in a 2010 World Cup Playoff tie.

For us though, prank of the day has to go the National Trust for their story on Park Rangers working extra hard on putting the clock forward one hour at Avebury World Heritage Site. Head Ranger Hilary Makins explained “Obviously Stone Age man didn’t have daylight saving, so twice a year we have to move one of the stones. Each one weighs several tonnes. It’s a huge effort, but it’s worth it”.

PHOTO GALLERY: London Underground prank signs take the web by storm

So stay on your guard today but be sure to use some of these pranks on your nearest and dearest. And keep an eye out for any more noise on the much hyped HUVr board as today would make an ideal marketing day for HUVrTech to reveal some key details on the boards intricate technology.

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