Argentina takes back the Falklands on new 50 Peso bank note

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Argentina's Central Bank has issued a new 50 Peso banknote with an image of the Falkland islands on the front and anti British imagery on the back. The new bill will be released as legal tender early next month and is bound to cause outrage on this side of the Atlantic.

The Falkland Islands, known locally in Argentina as the Malvinas, is a disputed group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, just 300 miles off the coast of Argentina. Officially, the islands are an overseas British territory but Argentina has always maintained its claim over the archipelago.

The back of the note prominently features rebel Argentinian leader Antonio Rivero on horseback with an Argentinian flag waving high above his head. Rivero led an uprising in 1833 just a few months after Britain had reasserted their control of the islands in which 5 people died.

The inception of the note was announced last April by president Cristina Kirchner at a ceremony marking the 32nd anniversary of the Falklands War. Today, Central Bank president Alejandro Vanoli explained the new note saying "The aim of this new banknote is to incorporate the Argentine nation's unwavering claim over the Falklands Islands into an element of daily use."

The political situation in the islands really came to a head in 1982 when Argentinian forces landed and occupied the islands kickstarting the Falklands War which lasted about 10 weeks. 907 casualties were recorded during the war with 649 of those being Argentinian in a war that was fought primarily in the air and on sea.

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