Asteroid 2013 TV135 to Hit Earth in 2032

You probably should start ticking off stuff on your bucket list because according to experts you only have another 19 years. Scientists in Ukraine have discovered that an asteroid that’s been named 2013 TV135 will hit the earth in 2032 but American experts are saying that the chances are we’ll all be safe.

Each year over 100 tonnes of space debris hits the earth every day. Most of it’s so small no one notices but experts are monitoring 2013 TV135 because of its mass. Although NASA experts who monitor asteroids are sure there’s no danger of it hitting the earth, officials in Russia aren’t so sure. They’ve been the victim of two asteroids in the past century so their scientists haven’t just been watching the asteroids, they’ve been planning ways to deal with the threat. Two years ago they predicted that an asteroid named Apophis will strike the earth in 2036, so if we survive TV135.

Professor Leonid Sokolov of the St. Petersburg State University said they’re still observing Apophis: “Our task is to consider various alternatives and develop scenarios and plans of action depending on the results of further observations of Apophis.”

The devastation that an asteroid can make was made clear to the Russians on February 15th when a 17 metre wide one hit Chelyabinsk and created a 440 kilotons hit. This asteroid 2013 TV135 has to be taken seriously because it’s 396 metres. NASA's Dr. Paul Abell predicts a .0021% chance of the rock which is the width of a container ship hitting the earth.

“We've had nine days to study this, and I would say it has a one in 48,000 chance of hitting Earth, and as we gather more data on it, we believe it will eventually go down to zero," Dr. Abell told an American news channel.

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