Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott downs beer in 7 seconds

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been captured on video footage downing a glass of beer in just 7 seconds. He did so in a crowded bar in Sydney as a group of pub patrons cheered him on with chants and cheers of "Skol".

Abbott accepted an invitation from a group of Australian Rules football players who were celebrating in the bar to join them for a drink. Football coach Simon Carrodus relayed Abbot's feat saying ""He drank from head-to-toe the entire schooner, dribbling little bits on his shirt, tipped it upside down on his head and he was proud as punch".

The video footage has caused outrage in some circles as Abbott has previously spoken out quite strongly against binge drinking. Abbot said just year "Like most Australians, I enjoy a drink on social occasions. However, as a father and as a citizen I'm appalled by the violent binge drinking culture that now seems so prevalent, especially at 'hot spots' in our big cities".

There was a mixed reaction on Twitter to Abbot's sudden change of drinking tack with @alldaychubbyboy labelling it a publicity stunt tweeting "When Tony Abbott is so low on approval that he skulls a beer to try to make himself seem likable". @CherylCritchey was unhappy at the praise Abbott was getting in some circles saying "Why do we glorify politicians for skolling beer in pubs? No wonder grog is such a big social and health issue." and @nathan28423118 came to his defence by tweeting "Yep!!! Here we go PM Tony Abbott sculling beer? nasty lefties got nothing better do then Bash on him so sad."

The Prime Minister has been targeted by anti drinking campaigners in the wake of the video going viral over the weekend with some worried that he is "glorifying" binge drinking. Health Minister Sussan Ley defended Abbott "If more people got up at 4.30 in the morning and went running and cycling and worked as hard as our Prime Minister to keep fit, I think we’d have a healthier country as a result."

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