Bally well outrageous

Spurious complaints from outraged viewers are par for the course with the television industry. You only have to read some of the moral panics created by the ‘ban this filth’ brigade in the past (the Brass Eye Paedophilia special, video nasties etc etc) to see that some people just like to complain about nothing.

The latest in this long line of offended peoples are 100 irritated Tory voters, who complained that a piece on high-brow agenda-setting on The One Show was biased against the Conservative party. Where did this tiny number of people complaining make headlines? Why the Telegraph of course.

The stinging criticism was apparently the premise of the piece which was whether being posh is ‘a bad thing for politics’, with Kaye Adams explaining that if the Tories win the next general election ‘we will be electing a cabinet with no less than 18 millionaires’ and calling David Cameron a ‘toff’ and ‘unashamed Sloane Ranger’. Most of which appears to be true. One wonders whether those complaining understood what they mean when they say biased (smearing the opposition with lies, for example), and if being posh isn’t a ‘bad thing for politics’ as they most likely feel, why did they complain? David Cameron is a toff, and if you don’t want the Tory party characterised in that way, don’t allow people who went to Eton together to run your party.

‘We received complaints that the item was biased against the Conservative Party,’ said the BBC, choking back its laughter. ‘We accept that the piece was not as good as it should have been. The One Show production team are aware of their responsibilities to ensure fairness in their output.’

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