Bankers revelling in Wolf of Wall Street hold screenings for clients

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You’ve just got to love bankers. Well you don’t really - not at all in fact - but it’s difficult to resist a certain begrudging admiration for their quite extraordinary shamelessness. Maybe it’s genetic, maybe they put it in the coffee at the major investment banks, maybe there’s a chromosome missing, but their quite staggering resilience to any sense of public outrage is remarkable.

Almost as if they are doggedly trying to fit their own caricatures, the banking ‘community’ are booking out entire cinemas and using The Wolf of Wall Street as a means to schmooze clients.

Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street is a tale of outrageous excess, criminality, irresponsibility, and selfishness. It is based on the memoir of a disgraced US stockbroker, Jordan Belfort who defrauded clients to fuel a life of yachts, drugs and orgies.

Now one might think that this would be a portrayal bankers would be anxious to play down as they strive to rebuild trust. But then one would be wrong.

The Italian Stock Exchange is holding a screening next week after a premiere party was held in the Paris stock exchange. The Nordic bank Nordea booked out a Stockholm cinema and sent out an invitation with the quote "I partied like a rock star, lived like a king." The event now has a waiting list

"This is a good opportunity for staff to mingle with clients," said Helena Ostman, head of communications at Nordea. Wow – just wow

Screenings seem to be all the rage in the banking sector – though it is still difficult to comprehend exactly how a film about stealing vast sums of money from investors is a good look.

Perhaps they haven’t heard that Leonardo DiCaprio who played Belfort decided to take the role because it represented "everything that is wrong in today's society".

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