Barack and Michelle Obama marriage problems: rumours of president's affair

Michelle Obama, who turned 50 last week, and her husband President Barack Obama have to be the most scrutinised couple in America so we weren’t too surprised to find out that following the President’s selfie with Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt and the ugly look that Michelle threw her husband as a result of the photo, rumours of a rift in their marriage have appeared in the American press.

The selfie was taken at Nelson Mandela’s memorial which was the last official function that the First Lady and her husband attended together. If you believe the American press, the image could well be the final straw as US tabloids are full of rumours of the President’s infidelity. The National Enquirer’s headline “Obama Divorce Bombshell!” was probably the pick of the bunch. The story concerned rumours that the First Lady has found out that Secret Service bodyguards have been covering up her husband’s affairs.

The White House isn’t making any comment on the story but they will have had enough practice at covering up extra marital affairs thanks to the efforts of Bill Clinton when he was in office. An article in The Enquirer said that Mrs Obama is standing by her man at least until his presidency is up. Apparently he will then move back to his home state of Hawaii and she’ll stay in Washington with their kids.

Other rumours suggest that they sleep in separate rooms but all of these stories are being attributed to anonymous sources so we’re not sure if there’s anything to substantiate them. Obama’s advisors aren’t acting as if there’s any sort of crisis in the White House and according to one of the couple’s advisors Valerie Jarrett, the First Lady is “at the top of her game. She’s fabulous at 50.”

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