BBC reporter Norman Smith accidentally calls Nigel Farage a c**t on air

  • @UKIPolizer - Wikimedia

BBC reporter Norman Smith was left with a bit of egg on his face after inadvertently calling Nigel Farage a c**t live on air. After a very unfortunate freudian slip, Smith was left looking quite uneasy beneath his umbrella once he had finished his report.

Smith was discussing the power struggle apparently going on at the moment in Ukip. As he relayed that Ukip MEP Patrick O Flynn believed that the party was becoming an "absolutist monarchy or personality cult", he substituted in one of the worst swear words of all instead of cult.

Smith then fumbled around and after a couple of stabs he was able to annunciate the word cult correctly. A tweet by @Unamedinsider summed the incident up nicely saying "And the award for 'Freudian Slip of the Year' goes to BBC's Norman Smith talking about @nigel_farage".

Surprisingly it is not the worst thing that a BBC staff member has called somebody in office. In 2010, BBC Radio 4 Jim Naughtie certainly lived up to his name when he introduced then Secretary of Culture Jeremy Hunt as Jeremy C**t before entering a coughing fit brought on by the realisation of what he had just uttered.

Ukip is going through a rough spell in the aftermath of the general election when Farage tendered his resignation as party leader. Farage's chief of staff Raheem Kassam along with Matthew Richardson have both quit after Farage agreed to continue in the role after his resignation was rejected.

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