Best places to raise a child in UK

Raising a family isn’t just a case of being there for your kids and providing for them financially. Where you live also plays a major part in the parenting process. Not everyone can afford to move away but those who can should consider some of the following places which are the best places to live in the UK according to estate agents.


What makes a great family area?

The best places for families have great amenities. The top priority is schooling. The other amenities you should look for include parks and playgrounds, doctors surgeries and convenience shops. Places which attract families tend to have good transport links, and they’re often towns rather than villages and cities so that us parents can be sure our children are as safe as possible.


Cheltenham in Gloucestershire is often cited as one of the top places to live for any one at any stage of life. That’s due to a low crime rate and a bustling town. When you add in great schools and a thriving sporting culture, you’ve got a place that’s well suited to families. This area’s pretty expensive though so it’s not going to appeal to every family.


The Lincolnshire market town of Stamford is another place that attracts families in their droves. There’s plenty of culture in Stamford which makes it great for those with older kids. The Burghley Park film festival offers afternoon screenings for children, and you’ve got the picturesque Rutland Water nearby. This one’s another pricey area though as terrace houses go for around £300,000.


Edinburgh is one of the most kiddie friendly cities in the UK. It’s been named the 2nd most child friendly city in Europe by TripAdvisor. Amenities like theatres, galleries and museums make this a great place for families. It’s also pretty compact so it’s easy to walk around. There are also loads of open spaces for picnicking and playing.

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