Bikini clad jogger hits the Siberian streets

Desperate to escape the rain sodden misery of the UK’s fair streets? Looking for a sumptuous holiday where it’s bikini weather both night and day? Are you a fitness enthusiast who likes to be able to keep up the cardio at any time of day or year? Well we have the answer for you. Or rather this lady does. Look no further than Siberia.

Ah Siberia. That gorgeously clement paradise on earth where it matters not a jot whether the sun has set or whether it’s only March, and where it’s always the perfect temperature to go for a scantily clad jog.

Drivers on a Siberian motorway were shocked, appalled and hysterically amused in equal measure when a brisk and chilly commute home was suddenly spiced up by the sight of a female jogger in a bikini tripping the light fantastic in the middle of the motorway.

The woman, determined to maximise her aerodynamic profile as she worked up a sweat was wearing nothing but a two piece swimsuit and a pair of trainers as she glided down the fast lane to a cacophony of speechless honks.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: Bikini runner fined by traffic police in Tomsk, Siberia - Video

This dedicated running devotee was filmed running between the lanes of a busy motorway in Tomsk, Siberia. She since been fined by traffic police for her revealing rush hour antics according to local newspaper, the Siberian Times.

In the 35 second clip, soundtracked by some deeply suspect dance music (they definitely missed a trick by not using Eye of the Tiger or the Rocky theme tune) the woman is seen running along the snow-covered motorway to a half approving, half aghast symphony of car horns.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH: Bikini runner fined by traffic police in Tomsk, Siberia - Video

Winter temperatures in Tomsk rarely go above 0C, with the average temperatures of February and March reaching -14C and -7C respectively.

One can well imagine that vodka may have played a role in proceedings. Perhaps this is where we have gone wrong in the UK. Smoothies, organic fruit juices and isotonic drinks are for lightweights. Double vodka please barkeep.

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