Book reveals Hitler was on Heroin and injected with young bulls semen

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Writer Norman Ohler has just released a new book titled, “The Total Rush: Drugs in the Third Reich” where he makes astounding claims about the usage of drugs by Adolf Hitler and his men. Ohler received access to war records of the Nazi leaders as well as their chief doctor, Dr. Theodor Morrell. He spent three years writing and researching the book which historian Hans Mommsen stated, “...will change the accepted face of the history of the war”.

While Hitler’s propaganda told the people they should be staying fit and abstaining from drink and tobacco use to keep the Aryan race strong and pure, what was being practiced in the inner circle and amongst the troops was an entirely different matter.

Hitler was known to have many health troubles such as bowel problems, stomach cramps and morning grogginess all to which Dr. Morrell provided some type of temporary cure for. Eventually Hitler became extremely dependent on Morrell who gave him various drugs over 9 years including opiates, sedatives, laxatives and testosterone. Morrell became known as “Herr Reich Injection Master” by those in the inner circle.

Ohler claims that Hitler was also given the Class A morphine based drug, Eukodal that makes users feel euphoric and invulnerable. He writes that, “Hitler loved Eukodal. Especially in the fall of 1944, when the military situation was quite bad, he used this strong drug that made him euphoric even when reality wasn’t looking euphoric at all.”

That year Ohler writes Hitler received injections including bulls semen to boost his testosterone into his bloodstream, Pervitin which contains crystal meth and many others. During his rule he was on 82 different types of medication.

Not only was he on drugs, but between 1939-1945 more than 200 million pervitin pills were issued to troops. The D-IX drug cocktail was first experimented on inmates inside Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp which was a mix of 5mg of Eukodal, 5mg of cocaine and 3mg of Pervitin. Prisoners were reported to be loaded with 45lb packs reportedly marched 70 miles without resting. This was then given to front line fighter which boosted their self-confidence and self-awareness making them feel invincible.

Ohler writes that in 1940 when the Third Reich conquered France, around 35 million soldiers and bureaucrats were said to be popping pills. By 1941 this crystal meth drug was outlawed and declared an illegal drug.

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