#BrusselsLockDown cat tweets go viral

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Brussels is in its third day of lockdown which has included the closings of schools, universities, the underground network and many public spaces such as shopping centres and museums. The Chief Rabbi had closed the city’s synagogues over the weekend which was the first time since World War II.

While the police have made 16 arrests in their raids, there is still tension in the air. On Saturday, officials asked the public to avoid saying anything on social media about the movement of the officers during their raids as this might alert any potential suspects.

In times of violence it is hard to find anything humorous about the situation, but Belgian Twitter users found a way. Similar to many other viral social media videos or memes, they used cats using #BrusselsLockDown.

By Monday morning the hashtag was used over 170,000 times and included everything from cats being dressed up as Batman and Superman to kittens on their hind legs with their paws up in the air as if they are under arrest.

These cuddly creatures have made helped local citizens and the Twitter world find laughter in this grave time. Hats off to you our feline friends and the authorities thank you as well.

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