Celebrate uniqueness on World Down Syndrome Day

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Today is World Down Syndrome Day and the world will celebrate it in style. The day is very important in terms of raising awareness of what exactly Down Syndrome is and reminding everbody of the important part people with Down Syndrome play in their families and communities.

To mark the day that and help raise awareness, many people will be wearing stripy socks. And the more colourful the socks are the better are the higher the chance somebody will ask you about them. The idea then is to tell those people all about World Down Syndrome Day 2014.

Down Syndrome is something that many people around the world are not fully informed about. There is an incorrect assumption that adults with Down Syndrome are "perpetual children". The truth, however, couldn't be any different.

Those with Down Syndrome are perfectly capable of living a full life and have the potential to do great things. It takes a little longer to do certain things but these individuals are incredibly resilient and determined. Many adults with Down Syndrome have a huge appetite for learning and pursue third level qualifications.

To help tackle ignorance and misinformation, a campaign has been launched entitled Dear Future Mom. The campaign has been designed specifically to challenge peoples ideas about Down Syndrome.

VIDEO Dear Future Mom video for World Down Syndrome Day 2014

Check out all the happenings with Dear Future Mom on Twitter at #DearFutureMom. Do your part for Down Syndrome Day 2014 and don some stripy socks for the cause.

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