Chelsea fan identified from racist metro footage posed with Nigel Farage

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It has emerged that a Chelsea fan identified in a racist incident in a Pais metro station has previously posed for a photograph with Nigel Farage. The man in question has been named as 21 year old Josh Parsons and is known to be a lifelong Chelsea fan.

Parsons posted the posed picture to his Instagram account around 4 months ago and shows Farage and himself smiling with drinks in their hands. Parsons attached the message under his handle josh22cfc "UKIP BOYS! What a geezer." to the post and it turns out he is a staunch UKIP supporter. Parsons' aunt has defended her nephew saying "He is a lovely boy and has never been in any trouble."

Since being identified in the media, Parsons has taken steps to erase his public profiles on both Instagram and Facebook. The photo in question is believed to have been taken outside a pub and UKIP have taken the step of releasing a statement supporting leader Farage while condemning the actions of the group of Chelsea fans in question.

The statement read "Mr Farage is photographed with and by dozens of people, both by supporters and opponents on a daily basis. UKIP and Mr Farage find the behaviour of the suspected Chelsea fans on the Paris Métro to be disgraceful and shames both the country and Chelsea football club. We are delighted that the identities of these people are being revealed and that they will face the full force of the law."

The metro incident in Paris has caused outrage across Europe and garnered widespread condemnation, including from both FIFA and UEFA. The group of Chelsea fans refused to let a black man board the train and afterwards could be heard chanting "We’re racist, we’re racist, and that’s the way we like it."

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