Cold Air from the North to make a chilly Bank Holiday Weekend

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Brace yourselves folks for a chilly Bank Holiday Weekend! Those in the North can even expect to feel the chill before the weekend begins as Scotland will be the first port of call for the Arctic cold front.

The chilly weekend will be in stark contrast to the pleasant weather experienced throughout the UK over the past week or so. Temperatures have been nice and high with people out and about enjoying the sun.

This cold front from the Arctic is set to see temperatures plunge below 0C at night in a spell that could last for almost 2 weeks. Forecasters have warned that regions in the North could experience some snowfall as the Arctic air pushes through.

Laura Young of the Met Office has warned "There is colder air moving down from the North from Wednesday with it reaching the South probably by Saturday.There could be some frosts about. Northern parts will start to feel it by Wednesday.".

We have been enjoying a much deserved mild spell where temperatures are expected to remain above average until June. Hopefully, once this cold front has been and gone the nice weather will return for Summer!

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