Comedy Friday - from Katie Hopkins to Banana assassins

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We begin our round up of the week’s most amusing news with one of our favourite ‘celebrities’ – the thoroughly delightful and tragically misunderstood Katie Hopkins. Ms Hopkins, who seems not only to be carving a career out of total pointlessness, but adding pantomime bile into the equation made the extremely foolish decision to host that most modern of attempts to mingle with the great unwashed – the Twitter Q&A.

And the inevitable of course happened. Reams of admirably witty abuse flooded in with such gems as

“Are you aware that you are to common sense, what Jimmy Saville was to children's playgrounds?”

“With the G12 countries at a loss on the glbl economy, & the recent strengthening of the £ vs $, why are u such a c**t?”

“Were you worried you were going to end up in a lasagne during the horse meat scandal?”

The British public triumphs again. Though not without the occasional hiccup.

Wayne Bryson’s girlfriend was flicking through the photos on his phone, presumably looking for some immortalised romantic moment when she stumbled across a video. A video of Wayne having full sexual intercourse with her Staffordshire Bull Terrier. It is unclear whether the animal was wined and dined beforehand, but apart from anything else, one has to admire Wayne’s fearlessness in choosing that particular breed for a fling, He has been bailed on condition that he is never alone with animals.

Away from the flooded shores of Blighty, Michael Jackson fans who had tried to take his doctor to court for the emotional damage the singer’s death won their case. In a piece of legal history that recognised the impact of the death of a total stranger, they were awarded damages in the amount of – 1 euro.

And in America a man in a banana costume was arrested with an AK47 assault rifle. But then that’s pretty much par for the course. Have a good weekend!

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