Couple sell baby for £2,500 to buy a motorbike and an iPhone

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A man and his girlfriend from the Tong’un in southeast China are reported to have sold their 18-day old baby to a buyer for £2,500. They were financially struggling and the father apparently wanted the money in order to buy an iPhone 6 and a new motorbike.

The man, who was referred to as A Duan in court, spent much of his time in web cafes searching for buyers on various social media sites such as QQ. His girlfriend who is under the pseudonym Xiao Mei was below the age when the baby was conceived. She also never gave consent to sell the baby. As soon as the baby was handed over and sold, she left the city.

The unnamed buyer was a man who bought the baby for his sister who was not able to have biological children of her own. Questions started arising as to where the baby came from and eventually the father turned himself in late February 2016 as well as the buyer.

The court ruled that the father will receive a 3-year jail term and the girlfriend has received a 2-year suspended sentence as she is currently helping raise her younger brother and her disabled parents. She stated that she didn’t know it was illegal to sell a baby and states, “I myself was adopted, and many people in my hometown send their kids to other people to raise them.”

The buyer’s sentence is yet to be determined. Currently the baby has remained with the buyer’s sister as authorities are still deciding what the best option is.

Unfortunately this is a common scenario. Either parent’s are selling their babies online in order to purchase the latest gadgets or infants are being stolen. Child trafficking is a major problem in China and has unfortunately become more prevalent. The US State Department estimates that around 20,000 children are abducted in China every year. This may be due to the former one-child policy or unwanted pregnancies. Boys are often sold for around £10,500 while the girls only sell for half as much.

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