Couple spends £25,000 on 10 month-old twins Christmas presents

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Christmas is often associated with reuniting with family, eating an excessive amount of food and of course, especially for young ones, presents. While some families may struggle to buy one present, others struggle of knowing when enough is enough.

Storage Hunter TV presenter Dan Hill and his wife Louise who owns a dog pampering company, have decided to lavish their 10 month-old twins with more presents than they know what to do with. The twins, Isabella and Jacob are going to have a Christmas their parents will never forget, but the twins most likely will.

So far the parents have spent around £25,000 on various Christmas related activities and gifts. This includes hiring a private Santa's grotto at a farm in Essex which costed them £5,000 for the day. As Santa usually sees 100 people an hour they were expecting to pay as much.

The children will also each be receiving a £4,500 vintage rocking horse, a £2,200 diamond and platinum bracelet which consists of a carat in each one and the entire Burberry bear collection for £2,000. Don’t forget the £6,000 that was spent on their trendy outfits.

The parents have undergone IVF treatment and find this holiday special for the family as “...it’s their first Christmas”. To help make the holidays better, the couple have spent £3,000 to have their Surrey home decorated with plenty of bright and shiny objects.

“It’s about seeing their little faces. They won’t know it’s Christmas, they’re too young to register that stuff, but babies love bright shiny things.”

Surely there are cheaper shiny things that will keep them just as happy, but to each their own.

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