Customer discovers rat's head in a frozen bag of spinach at Asda

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An Asda customer got the shock of their life last month when they discovered the head of a rat in a frozen bag of spinach. The incident happened in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire where the 98p bag of spinach was purchased at a local Asda shop.

Terri Powis purchased the bag of spinach in question and was cooking dinner for herself and her mum on January 19th when she made the horrific discovery. The 33 year old opened the bag and began to steam the veggies until she noticed something was not quite right.

Ms Powis described her first thoughts after the discovery saying "It didn't even cross my mind that it was the head of a rat. I was poking around with it because I didn't know what it was." She continued "I was gobsmacked when I realised what it was, it was horrible! It was very fresh and really pink. It was a bit squashed but intact and must have been frozen soon after being severed."

However, when Ms Powis phoned up her local Asda shop in High Wycombe, she felt that the staff there did not handle her complaint in a satisfactory manner. She said "The way they handled it was like it happened every day. They said sorry but it was just a 'Yeah, bring it back to the store'. I felt it should have been dealt with more seriously."

An Asda spokesperson has since made a public apology saying "We'd like to apologise for any upset caused to Ms Powis, and we will work closely with the local authorities whilst they conduct their investigation." It may be a long time until Ms Powis and her mother decide to eat spinach again!

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