Death toll reaches 3,900 in Nepal and continues to rise after devastating earthquake

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The extent of the devastation in Nepal continues to escalate in the wake of the 7.8 earthquake on Saturday. The death toll has now surpassed 3,900 with over 10,000 people injured and the effort to uncover more survivors continues in what is becoming a race agains the clock.

Aftershocks are continuing to impede rescue efforts with one aftershock registering 6.7 on the Richter scale. It is believed the death toll will continue to rise as rescue operations reach remote mountainous areas where they could uncover villages that have been wiped out by falling rocks.

It is all hands on deck for International Aid agencies working in the country with India, China, Pakistan and the UK all working hard in the aid effort. Temporary tents have popped up all over capital Kathmandu where people too afraid to return to their homes are staying. Survivors are also being treated in tents rather than in hospitals which are deemed to be structurally unstable as the aftershocks continue.

There are widespread electricity outages across Nepal as well as a lack of food and drinking water for survivors around the country. Rain overnight also hampered rescue efforts and Chief Secretary has expressed an urgent need for "tents, dry goods, blankets, mattresses and 80 different medicines".

Mount Everest has suffered its' biggest ever disaster as a result of the earthquake with at least 19 climbers killed while over 140 mountaineers have been rescued and air lifted to safety. Incredible footage recorded by a German climber at Everest Base Camp shows the horrific nature of what being in the path of an avalanche directly caused by the earthquake is like.

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