English teacher makes myriad corrections on Ukip election flyer

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A teacher who received a Ukip election flyer through her letterbox felt compelled to correct a host of glaring errors contained in the leaflet this week. ESL teacher Suzy Howlett, who teaches English as a second language, ran her red pen over the literature which was sorely lacking in clarity.

54 year old Howlett was flabbergasted when she picked up the Ukip leaflet and began reading an attempt by the party to increase public confidence in their ability to govern. The flyer was written by two UKIP councillors from Somerset, Derek Tanswell and Sharon Snook, and Ms Howlett has bared their language deficiencies for all to see.

Her exercise in correcting the mistakes on showhighlighted that the literature was rushed to print and was not proofread. This is not a wise strategy from any party looking to garner enough votes to become part of the next government and Ukip would be advised not to disseminate anymore flyers littered with punctuation, grammar and even spelling mistakes as found in this one.

Howlett said of her handywork "I marked it during a happy two minutes last night. I was eager to take a red pen to it. The part about borders - or boarders - really made me laugh." referring to a line where Ukip promise to "Take back control of our boarders".

And although admitting that there is absolutely "no shame in having difficulties with spelling, punctuation and grammar", it is enough to convince Howlett not to vote Ukip in the upcoming general election. She said "I have not met the candidates, but the leaflet suggests that if you can't check something like this properly, how can you run something properly if you were to be elected. I am most certainly not going to vote Ukip, absolutely not."

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