Espionage operation hacked diplomats with promise of nude Carla Bruni photos

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In proof that diplomats and senior officials are infinitely more gullible than the average internet user, it has emerged that an international espionage ring was centred around a promise to see nude photos of Carla Bruni.

It seems that photos of La Former First Foxy lady were enough of a draw for diplomats to dive headfirst into a trap set during a major hacking operation at the Paris G20 summit in 2011. An email was sent to all those attending the conference containing the words ‘To see naked pictures of Carla Bruni click here’. Following the link, panting diplomats were cordially invited to download an attachment which would of course be bursting to the digital seams with revealing photos of the tall one in the Sarkozy family. But shockingly the attachment did not contain a treasure trove of Elysee Erotica. No – and we shudder here – it actually contained a virus. Who would have thought it? It seemed so legit.

It is worth pointing out here that Carla Bruni is far from a shrinking violet and Google images is rammed solid with nude photos of her. Unless these diplomats though she might be mud wrestling Michelle Obama or howling with laughter at her husband’s ‘nuclear deterrent’, one does have to wonder what the fuss was all about.

US-based security firm FireEye has pointed the finger at China and suggested that the attack may still be ongoing. Those dastardly Chinese with their grubby, underhanded methods eh? If only they would systematically spy on the entire internet like decent spy agencies like the NSA and not resort to such cheap entrapment methods.

“Almost everybody who received the email took the bait,” an official told the Daily Telegraph.

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Apparently being horny and not very bright is more of a intuitive quality in diplomats rather than an actual requirement. Rumours that 6 year olds have been hired in to educate them on how to use the internet and how to spot a blindingly obvious virus are as yet unconfirmed. But personally, I feel very safe with this lot negotiating global affairs.

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