Extra 40,000 UCAS clearing places available for A Level students

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Today is a huge day for thousands of UK students waiting on their A level results. Celebrations will take place all over the country today as some will have exceeded their own expectations while others will be bitterly disappointed with their results. There are still plenty of options for those who didn't achieve the points they wanted though so no need to feel down for too long.

It seems that plenty of the most desirable universities have a number of places available through clearing in a bid to fill up courses with the best students they can find. This is music to the ears of students who have not attained sufficient scores to get the course they wanted as well as students who have changed their mind on their choice of course.

Once students get their results then they will be getting in touch with UCAS to secure the place they desire most before their chosen course fills up. There are over 40,000 places on various courses being advertised through clearing with UCAS but it is important to take a deep breath and be sure that you are not sacrificing what is most important to you just for the sake of enrolling in a course that does not interest you.

Sarah Hathaway of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants UK has some solid advice for students as she warns “A level students and their parents bolt, almost in a state of panic, for the default option of clearing if they don’t get the grades they expected for their university of choice. There is often a sense that they must get into university at any cost, even if it isn’t the course they want to do. Before making that mad dash for clearing, A level students and their parents should think longer term and consider the option of pursuing a qualification in the professions."

Overall this year, the pass rate was slightly down by 0.1% on 2013 while of all grades this year, a little over 25% of them were As which is also slightly less than results in 2013. This marks the first time in 32 years that the pass rate has fallen. There seems to be a surplus of places on courses this year and over 500,000 university places are up for grabs in a great year to be entering third level education.

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