Father Brings Everyone to Tears at his Daughters Wedding

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Every wedding is unique and special in its own way. Earlier this week a wedding took place that reminded us once again of the beauty these events bring, especially when wonderful unexpected events take place.

The bride, 21-year old Brittany Peck was very troubled two weeks prior to the wedding deciding who would walk her down the aisle, her father or stepfather. She reportedly called her father Todd Bachman in tears sharing her worry about not knowing who to ask.

Knowing how difficult this decision was for her daughter, Mr. Bachman had an idea. On the day of the wedding when it was beginning, Mr. Bachman stopped the procession and invited Brittany’s stepfather, Mr. Todd Cendrosky to join him in walking their daughter down the aisle.

Wedding Photographer Delia D Blackburn captured these moments which has resulted in the wedding album going viral and receiving over a million likes and plenty of comments. Ms. Blackburn mentioned that she also shed a few tears.

Mr. Bachman told the Chronical Telegram that in the past there himself and Mr. Cendrosky had a strained relationship. At the wedding though he explained that Mr. Cendrosky has helped raise her too and ‘He has been as much a part of her life as [I have].”

Mr. Cendroskly said, "I always wanted to [walk a daughter] down the aisle, and when I married my beautiful wife, Candy, she gave me three daughters. "I don’t have stepdaughters I have daughters, and when Todd grabbed my hand, that was the best day of my life, and I wouldn’t change that day for the world. We have become family, and the children’s needs need to come first."

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