Find Marcus campaign makes advertising account manager unwittingly famous

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Posters from a girl pleading for help in locating a guy from a one night stand seemed a little bit too weird to be true. And they were! It turns out that Find Marcus campaign was an elaborate prank played by students of the agency he works for.

To unassuming people coming across the posters, they would see a girl who clearly does not understand the meaning of a one night standas she desperately attempted to track down her transient lover. The poster reads "Find Marcus! He got me, you know like really got me but in the morning he was gone. Help me find Marcus and save our love."

Advertising agency Antidote challenged students to make employee Marcus Gilbert famous while he was abroad and one student came up with the one night stand poster idea. Gilbert works as an account manager for the agency in London and he is currently away with his girlfriend blissfully unaware of the whole campaign.

A student named Anyaa Dev devised the cunning prank and decided to photoshop Marcus into the poster to really sell the one night stand. She told MailOnline "We put up around 45 posters, and the funny thing is that he is not aware of this. He’s out of the country, but he should be back soon, so he’ll be pretty surprised when he gets back."

Dev worked with Simone Mascagni to promote the prank and the pair have said that many people have gotten in touch with them with some even claiming to be Marcus. We are sure that once Gilbert returns he will be in for quite a shock but fortunately he and his girlfriend are sure to see the funny side of things.

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