Former Capitol FM DJ Simon Hirst reveals he is to become a woman

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Former Capitol FM radio DJ Simon Hirst has revealed that he is to undergo surgery to become a woman. Now going by the name Stephanie Hirst, the DJ sensationally announced on a live radio interview "I don’t have to hide anymore. I can be me. I am a woman and that’s it" and that she is in the middle of gender reassignment treatment at the moment.

Hirst is perhaps best known for hosting Hirsty’s Daily Dose breakfast show which he left back in June. In a revealing interview with Stephan Nolan on BBC Radio 5 Live, Hirst spoke gave her reasons saying "There were many times on the air in recent years where I nearly said that I'm transgender. I knew from around the same time that I knew I wanted to be on the radio that something wasn't right. I didn't feel complete, I didn't feel like it locked. I felt like a square peg in a round hole but I didn't know why and I couldn't work it out."

Stephanie reassured those listening to the show that undergoing a sex change would not in any way alter the person she is. She said "I'm just me, I'm the same person. I'm not going to flounce around in flowery dresses all day. I'm just me, I'm just a human being, I still love people, still care for people the same way. Nothing changes. And for anyone who is going through this or anyone who's thinking of going through this we don't change, we don't change. Yes, the exterior changes but we're still the same people."

Hirst chose the name Stephanie as she wanted to retain a connection to her former self in the shape of retaining the same initials. Stephanie talked about the importance of the name saying "My name was Simon Neil Hirst and I still want to keep my initials because it's important to me, that. Some people in my position want to eradicate their past and forget about it. I'm very proud of what I have done in my past and I'm not going to erase that or try and get rid of it."

Earlier this year, former boxing promoter Frank Maloney went through a similar process when he declared that he was now living as a woman named Kellie. Kellie quickly became comfortable with her new persona and even appeared on this year's Celebrity Big Brother show where she talked openly about the differences between living as a man and living as a woman.

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