Free Windows 10 launched to great fanfare worldwide

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Microsoft's new operating system Windows 10 launched today and will be available as a free download to millions of users around the globe. It marks the final ever launch of a Windows version as the company plans to release regular updates to maintain this version going forward.

Device manufacturers that pre-install Windows 10 will have to fork out for the operating system as will businesses purchasing a multitude of licences. But for everybody else they will be able to upgrade their older versions of Windows for absolutely free and, according to early reports, in lightning quick time.

Microsoft's chief executive Satya Nadella beamed "Windows 10 is a huge milestone for us as a company, and quite frankly the industry." He has predicted great things for the tech giant adding "It is not just another release of Windows. It’s the beginning of a new era."

Windows 10 boasts some really nifty new features such as the digital personal assistant Cortana, a 3D face-scanning login app called Hello and a notifications area called Action Center. It also sees the return of the highly cherished Start menu meaning that Microsoft has listened to its' customers and showed that it wants to offer them what the want and need.

Microsoft will be hoping that users of previous versions of Windows including Windows 7, Vista and even the timeless XP will all be looking to make the upgrade to 10 and a huge plus in this regard is the OS will run across all devices. An even bigger challenge for Microsoft, however, will be to penetrate the mobile operating system market in a more meaningful manner than the 3% representation it currently holds compared to 51% for Android and 40% for iOS.

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