Frustrated farmer constructs homemade superfast DIY Wifi mast after getting fed up with BT service

  • @MetroUK - Wikimedia

A farmer who got fed up of his slow-paced BT broadband service took matters into his own hands and constructed a DIY mast. The net result is that instead of the 1Mbps service he got from BT, he now boasts wifi speeds of around 70Mbps making it a pleasure to surf the web instead of a trial.

Richard Guy from, a farmer from Salisbury in Wiltshire, had struggled with leisurely internet speeds for years given the rural location he lives in. The 60 year old simply had enough and constructed his very own 4G mast to turbo charge the wifi signal in the family home.

The mast is simply constructed out of wood, solar panels and a dongle receiver. Clearly chuffed with his work, Guy beamed "We only had a 1 Mbps speed, which means everything is far too slow. Now I run at 69 Mbps, it runs everything perfectly."

Guy was also at pains to point out how rural communities are forgotten about when it comes to high speed internet. He said "The government told us that the Olympics would bring fast broadband to everyone in Britain. Well the Olympics were some time ago now. The world assumes everyone is online but the five percent who can’t connect are just dismissed."

Guy has experience working in the IT sector and he is using his new found DIY skills to go into business with his wife Gilly. Together they have started Agri-Broadband which will look to bring acceptable internet speeds to rural areas that receive substandard signals. Business should be plentiful then!

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