Gary Lineker brands Nigel Farage a D**k

  • @thei100 - Twitter

Gary Lineker was drawn away from his usual cool demeanour after calling Nigel Farage a d**k during last night's Leader's debate. The Match of the Day anchor was reacting to comments by Farage on the cost to the NHS of treating foreign patients with HIV.

During the live televised debate, Farage controversially said "You can come into Britain from anywhere in the world and get diagnosed with HIV and get the retro-viral drugs that cost up to £25,000-per-year, per patient. I’m sure other people will be mortified that I dare to even talk about it."

He was spot on about the mortification that his comments would spark as Lineker tweeted his two cents saying "Always reluctant to offer a political view, but Farage is a d**k!" He quickly followed that up by responding to a tweet from colleague Dan Walker which said "Who would you back? I reckon Farage would leather it over the bar." with "And blame the foreign goalkeeper for moving".

Farage was taken to task for his comments on stage by Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood who pointedly said "You should be ashamed of yourself." Despite the unfortunate comments, Farage was said to have done quite well in the debate according to a number of post-debate polls with some even having him come out on top as support for UKIP increases.

Nick Clegg tweeted about his disgust at the comments saying "And Farage's comments about foreign people with HIV were simply vile and desperate. Politics of the lowest form. #FairerSociety" Ed Miliband also tweeted post debate that Farage's "comment about the NHS and HIV was disgusting. He should be ashamed. The fact he isn’t says so much."

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