Germanwings forced to pull "Surprised" ad campaign from London tube stations

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In the wake of the French Alps disaster, budget airline Germanwings has removed a number of billboard adverts from London tube stations. The posters all carried the message "Get ready to be surprised. Visit Germany." which advertised flights with the airline from just €29 each way.

On Tuesday, Flight 4U9525 crashed in the Alps en route to Dusseldorf from Barcelona killing all 150 people on board and scattering debris of the plane all over a vast area. While the ads were completely above board and alerted customers to the great value flights on offer from the company, the message contained in the ad campaign now looks unfortunate following events this week.

A spokesperson from Transport for London revealed "Our advertising department was contacted by the company and asked to remove the adverts. We had 65 digital adverts that were taken down within an hour." A statement from the company explained the decision behind removing the ads from tube stations saying "Germanwings has stopped any marketing activities in the UK until further notice and has removed posters and online campaigns. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families and friends of the victims."

It has transpired that co-pilot of the Airbus A320, Andreas Lubitz was in control at the time of the crash after the pilot stepped out of the cockpit to relieve himself. Investigators believe that Lubitz deliberately crashed the plane as he switched the controls from the designated flight path while the pilot was heard desperately trying to get back inside the cockpit.

Today investigators revealed that Lubitz had a sick note from his doctor excusing him from attending work on the day of the crash. The note relates to an ongoing problem with depression which Lubitz seems to have withheld from his employers Lufthansa.

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