Give someone a hug in the spirit of National Hug Day | January 21 2015

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If you haven't been feeling the love lately or just think that you could be warmer to the people in your life then today is National Hug Day and therefore you have the perfect excuse to show your loved ones some love. A warm embrace can do wonders for a person's confidence and sense of well-being so you will certainly be doing a good deed by offering to embrace somebody.

Falling on January 21st every year, National Hug Day was implemented to encourage everybody around the world to hug their family and friends more often and kick start a trend that could continue all year long. It is incredible to think that a simple hug can result in both parties feeling significantly less stressed almost immediately and continuing to feel great for a prolonged period afterwards.

The day was first started by American Reverend Kevin Zaborney back in 1986 in the small town of Clio, Michigan. Zaborney wanted to change the fact that many Americans struggle when showing affection in public areas and he resolved to change that for the better by encouraging embraces.

Although not an official holiday in the United States, the day has grown and grown in its' 30 year lifespan and is now a day that is celebrated around the world. Other benefits of hugging include boosting your immune system, buffering against heart disease and reducing the chance that you will have high blood pressure. It's a no brainer folks, get hugging!

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