Government to strip terror suspects of UK citzenship

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The Home Secretary, Theresa May has announced plans to strip terrorist suspects of UK citizenship in a move that may see certain individuals left stateless. The planned amendment to the Immigration Bill would grant the government powers to remove citizenship from those who have been engaged in ‘seriously prejudicial conduct’. The new system would not however affect those actually born in the UK

The Home Office are at pains to stress that such powers would be used on in extreme cases and in strict accordance with the UK's international obligations. It comes despite a UK Supreme Court ruling in October that said declared the removal of citizenship from terror suspect Hilal Al-Jedda, in a specific case was illegal as it left him stateless.

Despite Liberal Democrat clashes with the Conservatives over their hardline immigration rhetoric, this plan has been signed off on by Nick Clegg

Immigration Minister Mark Harper said: "Citizenship is a privilege, not a right. These proposals will strengthen the home secretary's powers to ensure that very dangerous individuals can be excluded if it is in the public interest to do so."

However the legal charity Reprieve described it as "alarming development" saying it would give the home secretary power to "tear up people's passports without any need for the kind of due process".

Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty, said: "Liberty always said that terror suspects should be charged and tried. First politicians avoided trials for foreign nationals; now they seek the same for their own citizens.

"This move is as irresponsible as it is unjust. It would allow British governments to dump dangerous people on the international community, but equally to punish potential innocent political dissenters without charge or trial. There is the edge of populist madness and then the abyss."

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