Guinness World Records that have already been made in 2016

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One of the beautiful things about our world is the great diversity of people and the creativeness and commitment that so many people have. While some may have the goal of completing 30-day challenges, others may be striving for setting World Records. Both equally important and commendable.

2016 has already been a year filled with those hoping to break world records. The most recent one was made by Ben Stiller at the London premiere of his film Zoolander 2. He pulled out a selfie stick which stretched to a record breaking 8.56 meters. As soon as the selfie stick stopped swaying in the evening breeze he took a shot of him and all his pals at the premier.

Cristy Quill recently attempted and completed the longest open saltwater Scuba dive by a women. She had recently lost her mother to breast cancer and was raising money for the American Cancer Society. She dove for a record-breaking 51 hours 25 minutes in the waters just off of California.

In India they are also coming up with ways to break records. Mother India’s Crochet Queens came together with over 1,000 participants from over 13 countries and created the world’s largest crocheted blanket. This measured out to be 11,148.5 square metres which easily covered the football pitch it was displayed on. It was then donated to charity.

The frozen hotel company, Iglu-Dorf, in Switzerland has created the largest dome igloo standing at 10.5 m tall. This was made in celebration of their 20th anniversary. With the help of 18 people and 1,400 blocks of snow, the igloo took shape and came together over a 3 week time period.

And then we have those adrenaline junkies that love to push themselves to the limit. In memory of Wilbur Scoville who invented the scale in which we measure the spiciness of chillies, Amedonou Kankue put a challenge in front of himself. He ate 10 bhut jolokia chilli peppers in a shocking 30.70 seconds. To have a better understanding of how spicy these chillies are, they are 400 times hotter than tabasco sauce. And he ate 10 of them. In 30 seconds. Amazing.

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