Happy New Year 2015: Making and Keeping your resolutions this year

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It's time to ring in 2015 and everybody is busy making New years resolutions but it is vital not to make unrealistic resolutions that you will struggle to keep. This long standing tradition can offer many hope that this is going to be their year but oftentimes new changes are quickly forgotten about as many make the crucial mistake of making too many resolutions.

We all want to make myriad changes to improve ourselves but be realistic and just concentrate on one or two. The other key to making a resolution and sticking to it for the long haul is to make small changes rather than big changes. By making a small number of resolutions that only require small changes to your daily routine then you will be giving yourself the best possible chance to succeed on your path to self-improvement. Let's take a look at some common resolutions now and the right way to approach them.

The classic example of making a huge change is joining a gym in January expecting to shed the pounds instantly by working out 5 times a week. Working out regularly represents a huge change to ones daily routine and it is quite time consuming to engage in regularly. Usually, this huge transformation is too much for new gym members and many people promptly quit only a week or two into the New Year having paid for a full year's membership.

It is therefore vital that if you decide to get a gym membership this year that you set yourself a doable and smaller challenge of working out only once or twice a week for the month of January. This is a manageable commitment and if it goes well then there is no reason that you can't up it to three or four workouts a week when February rolls around. You will begin to see results too as the weeks pass and you continue to put in the work.

Learning a new language is another common resolution that can be so time consuming that it turns people off before they really give it a chance. Learning a language for 10 minutes a day through the free app Duolingo is a manageable way of building vocabulary bit by bit and is much more appealing than laying out a large sum of money for classes that you might stop going to after a few lessons.

Remember to make small and sustainable changes and you will indeed change your life for the better in 2015. Some manageable resolutions that will improve your well-being without being too much of a challenge include:

  • Flossing once a day
  • Reading 15 minutes a day right before bed
  • Learn a musical instrument by playing for 10 minutes a day
  • Save more money by putting away just £10 or £20 a week
  • Be healthier by drinking 2 pints of water a day

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