Harvard rejection letter goes viral despite it being fake

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A fake rejection letter from Harvard University has been getting more attention than anything else on the internet today. The letter was written by one Molly McGaan who is actually in the middle of waiting to hear back on a legitimate application to Harvard.

The letter is a hilarious take on what a rejection from the prestigious institute would look like if an applicant were to go full hip hop on their application. McGaan wrote it as a satirical post for her Chicago school's satirical Facebook page called Citizen Poke.

In it, she imagines the Dean of admissions rejecting out of hand a potential student for highlighting their proficiency in "dank memes" and "$wagg moneyyyy". The dean also was not impressed with the applicant calling readers "skanks" in her essay and ending in full tongue in cheek mode with the words "McGaan out *drops mic*".

McGaan can scarcely credit the reaction that the letter garnered across social media and was unable to fathom how so many people thought it was a real letter. She said "People legitimately think it’s real, which is so bizarre to me. It’s just so insane!"

After receiving a rejection letter from the University of Michigan, McGaan decided to pen the letter in an attempt to "turn something sad into something funny". She is now sweating in the hope that the letter doing the rounds online will not adversely affect her actual Harvard application.

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