Hero Parrot saves woman from assault in London park

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An African Grey parrot is being hailed as a hero in London today after saving its owner from an attacker by scaring him away. The lady was treating her parrot, named Wunsy, to a bit of exercise when when all of a sudden she was set upon by an attacker in broad daylight.

The 25 year old woman was walking with Wunsy in Sunny Hill Park in Hendon, London when a male ran up to her and grabbed her by the shoulders. He then shoved her to the ground forcibly as Wunsy stepped in. Wunsy squawked repeatedly at the attacker and furiously flapped his wings in a bid to scare the attacker away.

The man then realised that he was in a no win situation as Wunsy was creating a big commotion. He then promptly fled the scene in the direction of Great North Road in Hendon. Thankfully, neither Wunsy nor his owner sustained any injuries in the attack.

Policeman Chris Cutmore has praised Wunsy saying "This was a random attack on a woman walking out of a park and although the parrot Wunsy come to her rescue, we are obviously very keen to trace the suspect and prevent him from attacking anybody else". Cutmore also appealed to the public to contact police with any information on the attack.

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Wunsy is the latest parrot to get attention in the media in recent times after Charlie the parrot was named the new face of Legoland UK.

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