Hillary Clinton’s change in campaign logo sparks disapproval

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Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has been busy at speaking engagements with hopes of winning over the American people. On Tuesday though, she may have lost a few supporters.

Tuesday marked the 60th anniversary of Rosa Parks refusing to give her seat to a white person. The day she was fined $15 began the Montgomery Bus Boycott which was the first large demonstration against segregation.

To mark the event, Mrs. Clinton spoke at the National Bar Association’s 60th Anniversary of the boycott in Montgomery to a full crowd that gathered at Dexter Avenue King Baptist Church. During her speech she stated, “We must be honest about the larger and deeper inequalities that continue to exist across our country.

While it currently looks like she is the frontrunner for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, not everyone is happy with her. On the day of the Rosa Parks Anniversary, she decided to change the campaign logo to include Rosa Parks who seems to be sitting on an “H” in the shape of a bus seat. With the photo, she tweeted, “History often gets made on ordinary days be seemingly ordinary people-December 1, 1955 was one of them. Thank you, Rosa Parks.-H”

Some social media users have called the act “disrespectful” and “terrible”. One Twitter user, Dough Henwood, tweeted “The new profile pic of @HillaryClinton. Aside from opportunism, isn't Rosa Parks sitting in the back of the H?”

Another user, CJ Pearson, tweeted, ".@HillaryClinton, don't compare yourself to Rosa Parks. She's done more for racial equality than your political dynasty ever has."

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