Historic novel claims Hitler fled to Paraguay and died there at the ripe age of 95

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A historic novel written by Argentinian writer Abel Basti claims that Adolf Hitler fled Germany before the end of World War 2 and lived in Paraguay until he was an old man. In his book, titled Hitler: The Man Who Beat Death, an incredible "Plan B" is revealed to have been hatched to ensure the safe passage of Hitler should Germany have been defeated at any point.

The extraordinary thought that the notorious leader of the racist Nazi party could have escaped Europe altogether and lived out his days in the South American sun is an unnerving one to say the least. Basti writes that rather than committing suicide like the history books say, Hitler actually made his way to Spain before sailing to Patagonia in Argentina in a submarine with wife Eva Braun.

The book claims that Hitler had big ties to Argentine President Edelmiro Farrell as well as his Minister for war Juan Domingo Perón hence the ease of his transit to South America. Basti even has uncovered the alias he used during a ten year stay in Argentina which was Adolf Schutelmayor.

From there he had to flee to Paraguay where he settled for the remainder of his days after Farrell was ousted in 1955. Basti even goes as far to say Hitler died at the age of 95 in the year 1971 and was buried in a bunker which lies beneath an hotel in a Paraguayan town which is still operational today.

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